Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A million things to do and I have only had two cups of coffee....

Please tell me this....Kids are off to school (well most of them)...its been one hour folks, yes one hour...10 am to be exact.  I dropped one off at 845.  I look around my home...which I quickly cleaned before we went to bed.  And Lo and Behold....I think a hurricane just blew thru it.  How is it that two kids can turn a place upside down in 20 minutes, yet to clean it takes 20 hours? 

Oh did I mention that I am up to two cups of coffee now?  Bad habit.  Bad habit.  Be warned I might actually use this blog as my "To Do List" ...hey this is entertaining stuff..."The secret life of moms"... LOL.  So I have dishes in the sink, a load of laundry on the bed that needs to be put away, another one that ready to be folded in the dryer, knick knacks of pringles that made its way to the living room..by way of my 4 year old.

Did I mention dishes in the sink?  Oh, I did...Dinner...well heck, if I am going to be this pro-active, I midas well throw dinner in the crock pot.  I think a chilli might be in order over some white rice. 

Great, just looked to my left and I have a table with a beautiful display of a christmas village that needs to be put away. 

Oh god, there is so much shit to do in a day...really ladies..how do we do it.  Please dont tell me to prioritize...I know that much.  I am just venting about how much we really do in a day. 

And the kicker is that I am going to work out today while the kids are in Yoga..yes you got...I am one of "those moms" that have their kids in activites during the week.  Not alot..but some.  Swimming, Yoga, dance (one has a ballet fascination and one does hip/hop).  See..not much..but yes..they are in some.

But its a good thing isnt it.  They kids are all good kids (when they arent driving me nutz of course).  But good grades, sound mindset and I am glad they are taking part in something that gets them moving.

Sorry folks, I am not feeling the love having P.E. 30 minutes every 6 days.  Okay back to my coffee and I will report back my findings at 12 pm.....

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