Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another day begins...without coffee?

So DH has been having some issues of sleeping and relaxing lately.  The guy wont take a tylenol.  So I had to research and find out another method of relaxation.  Personally, if you ask me, I think we as as society are overburdened with the job of managing technology.  Checking your email, writing in your blog, you know, is fine.  But we are ON practically 12-15 hours a day.  Between the TV/Blackberry and other electronical wonder why our brains are wired and fried.

But Back to my story.  We are big vitamin people.  Specifically Vitamin Shoppe people.  So I researched melatonin and it did seem like a safe herbal option for relaxation and sleep.  WOW, is all I have to say.  I feel so refreshed when I wake up now, its like I had a 12 hour sleep..but in reality I went to bed at about 1030 and woke up this morning at 630. 

Dont they say you need only 8 hours?  Same with DH too...something fancy term about regulation of sleep cycles.  Its a good find, and I highly reccommend it in case you have a bout of insomnia.

ooppppp gotta run...the baby is obviousely energized because she woke up.  LOL

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where has the day gone...

Oh yeah..its gone towards another day in the life of a moms household.  ahhhh, let me just enjoy that last couple of moments of silence, before I wake up the other two kids.  So lets recap, what got done today.  Okay the dishwasher got turned on, the living room area which looked like a tornado came thru it got cleaned up.  I took a shower.  Found out that the sauna and steam room at the gym would be back on today.  Lunch was served.  Oh the nasty little chore.  That somehow slipped thru the cracks.  Oh well...mostly everything got done.  Responded to some emails, will get some packages ready for work and off to yoga we go.

Dinner..shoot...didnt do dinner.  Looks like its pasta for the kids and protein shakes for me and dh.  Which is fine...I like my protein shakes...yummo on the blueberry protein shake.  Here is a recipe that is fantastic for a meal replacement:

Protein Blueberry Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 cup of frozen Blueberries
  • 1 cup of nonfat/skim milk
  • 2 scoops of your favorite whey powder or protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seeds
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter

Throw this all in a blender and *wow* what a delicious and healthy smoothie.  The peanut butter will keep you full, the blueberries are great antioxidents and the flax seeds are great for your body. 

For an added fiber punch, feel free to add some fiber as well. Although you shouldnt need it.

A million things to do and I have only had two cups of coffee....

Please tell me this....Kids are off to school (well most of them)...its been one hour folks, yes one hour...10 am to be exact.  I dropped one off at 845.  I look around my home...which I quickly cleaned before we went to bed.  And Lo and Behold....I think a hurricane just blew thru it.  How is it that two kids can turn a place upside down in 20 minutes, yet to clean it takes 20 hours? 

Oh did I mention that I am up to two cups of coffee now?  Bad habit.  Bad habit.  Be warned I might actually use this blog as my "To Do List" ...hey this is entertaining stuff..."The secret life of moms"... LOL.  So I have dishes in the sink, a load of laundry on the bed that needs to be put away, another one that ready to be folded in the dryer, knick knacks of pringles that made its way to the living way of my 4 year old.

Did I mention dishes in the sink?  Oh, I did...Dinner...well heck, if I am going to be this pro-active, I midas well throw dinner in the crock pot.  I think a chilli might be in order over some white rice. 

Great, just looked to my left and I have a table with a beautiful display of a christmas village that needs to be put away. 

Oh god, there is so much shit to do in a day...really do we do it.  Please dont tell me to prioritize...I know that much.  I am just venting about how much we really do in a day. 

And the kicker is that I am going to work out today while the kids are in Yoga..yes you got...I am one of "those moms" that have their kids in activites during the week.  Not alot..but some.  Swimming, Yoga, dance (one has a ballet fascination and one does hip/hop).  See..not much..but yes..they are in some.

But its a good thing isnt it.  They kids are all good kids (when they arent driving me nutz of course).  But good grades, sound mindset and I am glad they are taking part in something that gets them moving.

Sorry folks, I am not feeling the love having P.E. 30 minutes every 6 days.  Okay back to my coffee and I will report back my findings at 12 pm.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

So heres to 2010...resolutions and reflections.

So heres to trying another New Blog.  I am commited. How did I come up with the name?  Pretty simple.  I have three buzzing bees around me named Jasmine (9), Nadiya(4) and Mia (2).  I cannot escape it.  Even in the shower, there is some emergency crisis that must be tending to.  (Note to self) install locks.  Then they wonder why I take long showers.

Why is it that when I am on the phone or in a shower WWIII manages to break out.  Just like right now, I am trying to create my first blog post and Mia decided that cheerios look better on the floor than in her plate.  The fun never ends, but neither does the chaos!

I have to get to the resolutions portion later.